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The Red Snapper and the Bloody Mary

I hate tomatoes.

This always dismayed my mother, who loved tomatoes for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner, and for anytime in between. I always whined, and refused to eat them. Today it’s my tomato-loving bride who faces the pushback; I still whine and refuse to eat them.

So why do I like the Bloody Mary?

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Confounding Vodka: The Night of the Hunter

I still remember a science class in second grade where we sampled unflavored gelatin. I had never eaten anything that had no flavor at all. It was very, very strange.

Vodka cocktails remind me of that day in class.

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Vodka and Champagne: the Black Pearl Cocktail

The Black Pearl is another Minneapolis original by Johnny Michaels. With its sweet combination of vodka, sparkling wine, and blackberry syrup, it is, as Michaels says, “another vodka-based favorite for the peoples.”

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Five Ways to Wreck a Martini

Here’s my list of five ways that bartenders have screwed up my martinis:

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Which is the authentic Vesper cocktail?

I’ve been enjoying Vespers for years, but only recently found David Wondrich’s intriguing speculation on the drink’s “original” flavor. Continue reading “Which is the authentic Vesper cocktail?”

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