My name is Doug Ford; I’ve been writing cocktail commentary for Cold Glass since 2009.

I am not a bartender, and I have no connection to the liquor or restaurant industries. I am a consumer who delights in finding good and interesting cocktails and refining them for myself, my wife, and my friends.

Cold Glass exists because I believe that sharing my interest in well-made cocktails will encourage others to maintain high standards in their own bars, whether at home or where they’re working professionally. I encourage all of us to push away the junk so many places serve, to search out and patronize bars and taverns that take seriously the history and structure of their cocktails, and to make cocktails at home that equal the care taken by the best of today’s barmen.

Each article is a research project and an exercise in understanding; writing is my way of organizing my thoughts and recording what I’ve learned. The excitement and effort of building Cold Glass have led me to cocktails I never knew existed; my reward is the delight of discovery and the experience of new flavors. Not to mention the simple pleasure of just knowing this stuff.

Here’s what I believe:

Cold is good. There is no such thing as too much ice in a bar. You’d think everyone could get this right, but no…

Fresh is good. There are no drinks that can be made successfully with sour mix that comes from guns.


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