The Ray Long Cocktail

The Ray Long Cocktail, an elegant, absinthe-tinted brandy Manhattan: Cognac, sweet vermouth, absinthe, and Angostura bitters. If you want to put a spin on the original, this is the way to go.

An Old-Fashioned the hard way: the Brandy Crusta

Brandy, curacao, lemon, and bitters: the Brandy Crusta is the prototype of the modern sour, and a forerunner of the Sidecar. More historic marker than living cocktail, it's a drink that's important to know if you take your cocktails seriously. And it tastes good. Why did it disappear?

Lemonade with an Attitude: The Fog Cutter

"Trader Vic" Bergeron's lemonade for grown-ups, the Fog Cutter: rum, brandy, gin, lemon juice, orange juice, and orgeat, all with a sherry float. (I'll have mine without the float, thank you.) But wait, there's more: the Jamaican Fog Cutter!

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