Cold Glass is Freshly Pressed again

I’m happy to report that Cold Glass has been highlighted again over at’s Freshly Pressed page. It’s fun to get that kind of visibility; it brings lots of new visitors and enlightening conversations.

My thanks to WordPress for providing that visibility, and welcome to everyone who is clicking in for the first time. I will be delighted if you find something here that sparks your imagination.

And I hope you’ll leave a comment, and take a moment to subscribe.

5 thoughts on “Cold Glass is Freshly Pressed again

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  1. Just joint the WP and found this blog about cocktails, that is really cool, it not only give out the history and story of every cocktail and also how to make it. I got to know something from this blog.
    Thax to teach me

    1. Yes, it’s fun to know the stories behind these recipes. Sometimes the story is the drink’s history, sometimes it’s just a good family tale. I think a good story just makes the drink taste happier.

      I’m glad you found Cold Glass, and I hope to keep it interesting for you.

  2. I was so fascinated by your question – “What was your first cocktail?” that I just had to continue reading. – Freshly Pressed: is how I found your blog. I hope to continue to receive and enjoy your postings. Congrats on being showcased.

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