Lemonade with an Attitude: The Fog Cutter

"Trader Vic" Bergeron's lemonade for grown-ups, the Fog Cutter: rum, brandy, gin, lemon juice, orange juice, and orgeat, all with a sherry float. (I'll have mine without the float, thank you.) But wait, there's more: the Jamaican Fog Cutter!

Planter’s Punch

Planter's Punch: more a category than a recipe, Planter's Punch is a classic blend of the Caribbean trinity of rums, sugars and fruits. Here's to a day at the beach!

Navy Grog

Donn Beach's classic Tiki specialty, the Navy Grog: three rums, two juices, and a dollop of honey, and lots of history. And that astonishing ice cone around the straw.

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