Cold Glass

You can make these cocktails. Start right now.


Canadian whisky

The Marlene Dietrich Cocktail

The Marlene Dietrich Cocktail is a natural for anyone who enjoys Whiskey Old-Fashioneds and Whiskey Sours.

Legend has it that Dietrich sucked lemons on her movie sets; it seems she believed this would keep her mouth muscles taut for the cameras. Continue reading “The Marlene Dietrich Cocktail”

Mixing with Fernet-Branca—the Toronto Cocktail

The Toronto Cocktail is another delightful way to exploit your bottle of Fernet-Branca, this time with whiskey.

It would please me if the drink were actually invented in Toronto, but I’ve found no evidence for that. Continue reading “Mixing with Fernet-Branca—the Toronto Cocktail”

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