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International sours

Detroit’s Finest: The Last Word Cocktail

The Last Word is another of those cocktails that just doesn’t look right on paper. Chartreuse and Maraschino? C’mon, man, that doesn’t make any sense at all. Continue reading “Detroit’s Finest: The Last Word Cocktail”

What color is the Blue Moon Cocktail?

Quick! What color is the Blue Moon Cocktail?

It’s blue, right? It’s called the Blue Moon.

Yes and no. As it turns out, the original Blue Moon was… red.  Continue reading “What color is the Blue Moon Cocktail?”

Aviation Cocktail

The history of the Aviation Cocktail is a tale of neglect and abuse, rehabilitation and redemption, and even controversy. Sort of like Cinderella with politics. I love these cocktails with stories. Continue reading “Aviation Cocktail”

Leap Year Cocktail

I’m one of those people who is fascinated by cosmic markers like solstices and equinoxes. It’s hard to explain—I guess it’s sort of a feeling of being in the presence of greatness. Or cosmic forces. Or something. At the very least, it’s an excuse to celebrate. I set out to identify a solstice cocktail for the onset of the summer season, and I was astonished to find that there are no classics that address these auspicious dates. Inexplicable.  Continue reading “Leap Year Cocktail”

Twentieth Century Cocktail

The Twentieth Century Cocktail, according to lore, is a celebration of Henry Dreyfuss’s gorgeously Art Deco Hudson locomotive, introduced in 1938 to power the New York Central’s 20th Century Limited cross-country passenger trains. The story is a little dodgy, as the cocktail’s formula was published in the 1937 Café Royal Bar Book, a year before the engine’s introduction, but Continue reading “Twentieth Century Cocktail”

The Cloister Cocktail

The Cloister Cocktail is an excellent introduction to Chartreuse.

Chartreuse is a notoriously difficult ingredient — aggressively herbal, it dominates anything it comes near. It’s a huge flavor bomb, and it is very unfriendly to many when they first encounter it. It is an acquired taste, one I’m… still acquiring. Continue reading “The Cloister Cocktail”

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